Gruppo Campari has grown to become one of the most significant groups in the global beverage industry, and is currently ranked 6th. From its inception in 1860, it has developed a presence in 190 countries, with market leadership in Italy and Brazil, and a first-rate presence in the US, Germany, and Switzerland.

The group boasts a rich portfolio, with more than 40 brands, sub-divided into three segments: spirits, wines, and soft drinks.

In the spirits segment stand out internationally renowned brands such as Campari, SKYY Vodka; Wild Turkey and Cynar, as well as its leading local market brands including Aperol, Cabo Wabo, CampariSoda, GlenGrant, Ouzo 12, Zedda Piras, X-Rated, and the Brazilian labels: Dreher, Old Eight and Drury’s. In the wine segment along with Cinzano, known world-wide, are Liebfraumilch, Mondoro, Riccadonna, Sella & Mosca and Teruzzi & Puthod all respected wines in their category. Finally, the soft drinks segment is composed of brands such as Crodino and Lemonsoda (with its relative brand extensions), which are strongly-positioned on the Italian market.

Production is concentrated in thirteen manufacturing plants: four of which are located in Italy, one in France, one in Greece, one in Scotland, one in Ukraine, one in the United States, one in Argentina, two in Brazil and one in Mexico. Gruppo Campari also owns four wineries: three in in Italy (Sella&Mosca, Teruzzi&Puthod and Enrico Serafino) and one in France (Chateau Lamargue).

Though company headquarters is situated in Sesto San Giovanni, Milan, the Group’s presence is made global as a result of its internationally-located business units. Gruppo Campari has its own distribution network in Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Ukraine, US, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, China and Australia; a joint venture in the Netherlands; and uses local distributors in over 180 other countries.

Gruppo Campari has constantly increased its net sales over the years as a result of its focus on brand building, organic growth, and external growth through a series of strategic acquisitions supported by a solid financial position.

The total net sales of Gruppo Campari in 2009 was € 1.008,4 million.

The company employs over 2,000 people. The shares of the parent company Davide Campari-Milano S.p.A. are listed on the Italian Stock Exchange

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