The Cuban company Tecnoazucar

The Cuban company Tecnoazucar established since 1982 by the Cuban sugar Ministry is on charge of the exportations and the commercialization in the Cuban market of the sugar cane byproducts. It also works in order to lend technical services, technical consults and technical assistance, as well as technology transfer to several countries around the world.

Tecnoazucar is a selffinanced enterprise; it counts with legal personality, own capital and self administration of resources. These qualities allow the company to act with independence in the commercialization of products and services related to the sugar cane world.

Their offers are sustains by the experience and technical straight of the Sugar Cane Cuban industry, which is organize in the former way; 71 sugar factories, 14 sugar syrup stations, 14 destillers and Rum's factories, 12 Torula yeast factories and dehydrates sugar syrup, 4 sugar cane bagasse factories and many other installations that produce several sugar cane byproducts.

The services Tecnoazucar offers are technically supported by the Researching and Development Institutes of the Cuban Sugar Cane Industry where hundred of professionals and technicians specialized in the different branches of the sugar sector are working.

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