The Bailie Nicol Jarvie

The Bailie Nicol Jarvie

Країна: Шотландія (Велика Британія) Шотландія (Велика Британія)

Виробник: Nicol Anderson & Co

Категорія: Віскі

Матеріал: Скло

Об'єм: 50мл

Алкоголь: 40%

Купив: 2011 рік


The Bailie Nicol Jarvie NAS (40%, OB, ‘Very Old Reserve’,±2010)
A blended Scotch whisky that comes highly recommended. Oddly the web address, while is suitably registered to Macdonald & Muir, a WHOIS search reveals, leads to …nothing. Now why would you go to the effort of putting a web address on a back label if you don’t even have a website? Apparently the whisky possesses a high malt content….
The nose is malty and honeyed initially followed by a mildly oppressive layer of Marmite and mild rubber; however there is also some good oak spiciness. There are also some fragrant heather notes but the Marmite/rubber muddies the waters some what and it is Omni present throughout the assorted collection of aromas. The taste is malty and honeyed, a good start however the Marmite/rubber make a swift showing. There is also the arrival of some smoke and after a short while the taste settles don some what and becomes quite pleasant. After a while it becomes a little creamy and smokey. Quite nice. The finish is light Marmite and malt and carries on for quite some time. Some later moments of dryness arrive along with some malt. The finish grows a little and ends on a good note towards the end. Some really good sweet malt after a few minutes.
Mildly confused and the picture is most definitely blurred by the Marmite and rubber. Disappointing.


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