Stock 84 V.S.O.P.

Stock 84 V.S.O.P.

Країна: Велика Британія Велика Британія

Виробник: Stock Spirits Group Limited

Категорія: Бренді

Матеріал: Скло

Об'єм: 30мл

Алкоголь: 38%

Купив: 2010 рік


Produced in Trieste Italy from cultured Italian grapes, Stock 84 brandy has been a tradition since 1884. Its unmistakable character is the result of the harmony of aroma, flavour and golden colour developed during long maturation in oak vats; this is where it acquires its unique mellow taste and palate-pleasing smoothness that has been its hallmark for more than 120 years.


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